Worth a try

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The price is totally out of hand, still beautiful and deserves a blog post. The bracelet of the Tiffany T collection.


This weekend Peter, my little brother moved to my place. He will stay with us for a week, just until he can move into his new student place.
It is nice to have him here, I won't see him much though, we are just both too busy this week.

Saturday, Johannes and I proved that we are still young by going out clubbing. We went to the closing of Photobastei. Some friends of ours were there. The party war rather bad, but I managed to stay until four anyway.

The next day we were all rather tired and did not do too much.
A walk along Limmat, where the boys threw a few stones.
We saw two kids selling self-made bracelets for 1.20 each, so I bought one and made them happy.
We passed by Labitzke... which will be torn down soon.
As we got home we made dinner and watched plenty of episodes of Modern Family.
Easy going Sunday, but what is else can you do after a night out.
Some things I bought in Florence.
Two tops from Cos Stores (which is suppose to open today in Zurich, how great is that!) and a Shampoo and some lip pencils from Sephora. Apart from this olive oil, pasta and a lot of red wine!


It was a while ago that I bought another bird for my collection. Feel like this one should join the crowd.
From here.

Out of space

Summer is almost over, but after a hot bubble bath a cool looking bathtowel can still be useful.
This one is from the Zurich label Schoenstaub and I saw it in the latest issue of Annabelle.

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