Happy Valentines Day

a do it yourself, I am going to try out! You find instructions here.


end of may I am travelling to Copenhagen with a few friends and today I found this little online travel guide which will help us explore the best parts of the city.

simple and chic

I love my Mulberry Alexa bag and it will be my true friend for the rest of my life! Sometimes though a larger bag can get handy...like this one. Simple and chic.

Decided it will be my second true friend for life, just need to save a bit of money first. 

Etsy shop here.


Bought some colours instead of black this time!

 And a pretty little candle holder with a bird drawing.

Kirsten Dunst Place...

Todays Interior inspiration

Picutures from BecuaseImAddicted, you find more of the Loft on their page.

Cozy Place with a beautiful view.