Sunday Muffins

I added rhubarb and some almonds on top. Delicious!
Recipe below!


Cute greeting cards which you can find here!
Decided to go for a jog Sunday afternoon. Johannes led the way...turned out to be a longer run than I had planned. Came home with a very red face, which Johannes tried to compare to his Pantone colour palette. The perfect colour match was not found though.

So many nice things planned the next couple of weeks...
open air movie, dinner here with Johannes, Stockholm, celebrate one year of marriage... Very exciting!

Noodle soup

Wanted to take Johannes for Japanese Ramen Soup at this place today, but unfortunately the place was closed. So we decided to go to another place which Hanna recommended a while ago. A little bit less fancy, but also serves nice Vietnamese noodle soups. I enjoyed this one with won ton, spinach, chives, chili, koriander and noodles. I love won tons and dumplings, so this soup was just perfect for me.

Paris by night

on  a scarf
but some other cities are available too. Check them out here.


The best thing with weekends is sleeping in and enjoying tasty breakfasts.
Saturday Johannes and I visited the garden center and brought home this guy...
A fig tree which will accomodate our lemon tree, lavendel and lilac tree.
Sunday we visited Hanna to celebrate her birthday although it is almost a month ago.
I baked a rhubarb cake to bring along.
I also gave her fancy panties and an apple tree for the balcony.
Mio was satisfied and cute as button.
That's it for now! Have a good start of the week!