Holiday! Yes!

Holiday... excellent!
I will go swimming a lot, join a few girl friends in Hallenstadion for the Justin Timberlake concert, travel to Palma de Mallorca with Hanna for a few days, spend a weekend with johannes in Milan where we will have a look at Leonardo's Last supper, eat lots of pasta and gelati, sleep in, do some sun tanning on the balcony, read a lot, do some baking, blog, decide which school to pick for further education, be invited for dinners and invite to dinners, and last but not least celebrate my birthday.

I want to be the girl with the most cake

The album that probably meant the most to me ever turns 20years old this year. I love this album still and know all the songs by heart.
The songs bring me back to a time during which I wore Dr.Martin boots together with flower printed romatinc dresses and was unhappily in love with a guy named Devin who played in a band and wore black eyeliner. I was 19 years old, went to high school in Toronto, had two wonderful friends who meant the world to me and I still love for the time we had, although we don't hear from each other that often.
I shared some of the best years of my life with this album.  

For lazy sundays or yoga workshops

a few friends of mine are going to spend one week at a intesive yoga camp soon. To make the week a little more pleasant, a comfy yoga outfit wouldn't hurt.
Personally, I was never a big fan of yoga (too tough for me and I don't like the om at the end of the class), and therefore I would wear these on a lazy sunday.

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Yesterday, the new solebich book finally landed in my mailbox. One of my pictures made it into the book which of course makes me very happy!
The book includes a lot of beautiful interior which inspires! You should all get it! Love to flip through it over and over again!

My dining room was included with the tea-cart I inherited from my grandmother, which of course makes me happy.

Hang it

Hand blown glass bubble hangers. They look amazing, love to have two or three on my wall!
From here.

Afroart Prints

Which print would you order, I can't decide....

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Salut Salon

This past weekend I met Pascale at Salut Salon for brunch. We had Eggs Benedict...the picture says it all...DELICIOUS!
Go there, Try it out!