Northern Lighting

Love the idea! Especially as a reading light beside the bed. And the name of the lamp is Sunday, which is very suitable.

For Sale...

Some nice places for Sale in Berlin. Not that I am planning to move there, but these apartments are tempting.

All pictures and apartments available here.

A dessert to remember!

Last Saturday Pascale and Thomas came by for dinner and I made a dessert which was heavenly, a cheesecake, plum compote with almond crumble. I found the recipe here. Try it!


Wouldn't mind this one on a chilly autumn day.
From here.

Weekend is around the corner!

So much going on this weekend!
Friday concert, saturday dinner guests, sunday concert... Feel tired already!

Johannes and I are totally hooked on the Swedish/Danish series Bron or in English "The Bridge"
Can't stop watching and that explains why the blogging this week was rather poor.

My latest beauty buy...

is the facial oil Huile Santal by Clarins. Love facial oils and this one is amazing. It includes Sandalwood, Cardamon and Lavender and since I love cardamon, I love the smell. Can't go to bed without putting this oil on my face!