She did it again...

The clothes Stella McCartney designs for Adidas are too good for sports. I would not go for a run in this jacket...I would spend every chilly autumn day in it.

Both pictures from adidas.

Autumn is the time to go dark

put the bright red on the side and take out the darker shades.
Picture from here.

On the wall

This one would look nice on the wall
Found and available here.

Found it

Passed by Zara Saturday and finally found a cozy beige sweater, something I've been looking for. Also bought a black simple short skirt to wear with it. Got both for very a very suitable price.

Northern Lighting

Love the idea! Especially as a reading light beside the bed. And the name of the lamp is Sunday, which is very suitable.

For Sale...

Some nice places for Sale in Berlin. Not that I am planning to move there, but these apartments are tempting.

All pictures and apartments available here.

A dessert to remember!

Last Saturday Pascale and Thomas came by for dinner and I made a dessert which was heavenly, a cheesecake, plum compote with almond crumble. I found the recipe here. Try it!