Bought some colours instead of black this time!

 And a pretty little candle holder with a bird drawing.

Kirsten Dunst Place...

Todays Interior inspiration

Picutures from BecuaseImAddicted, you find more of the Loft on their page.

Cozy Place with a beautiful view. 


Don't know if you have any New Years Resolutions, but I guess eating healthy and taking care of our body is a constant goal. Something I manage do sporadically. At least my weekends often start with a freshly squeezed juice mix. Love my juicer!
You find some inspiration over here
Picture from Linda Wagner, and the recipe for her lemon & ginger shot you finde here.

Weekend in review

Saturday I spent at home cleaning and doing laundry...things that usually needs to get done on the weekend if you work full time.
Johannes and I made osso bucco with saffron risotto. Delicious.

Spring you are welcome to come back now... After Christmas and New Years I immediately long for spring, sunshine and flower buds. Bought some tulips to calm myself down.

We had egg benedict for breakfast, after which I decided to go for a run to get rid of at least some of the calories hidden in the hollandaise sauce.