Pez and belive

Small details by the window...

More interior inspiration from Lovely Life here.

Autumn around the corner

Soon we can wrap ourselves in cozy cardigans and scarfs again... Here some fall inspiration, found here.

Sooo nice to be back home after a week abroad because of work. I am just not made for business travel. Meetings, dinners, meetings, dinners... after a few days I am desperate for some alone time.

Only one week of work left and then Johannes and I have two weeks of holiday, which we will spend in Italy, Toscana. Yeah! It will be great to get away.

Going home today to celebrate mom's and Mio's birthday, a week delayed, since I was away. Presents are wrapped and I am looking foward to a day with my family. 

Fruit on a stick

How cute is this... perfect for kids birthday partys!

Found here, description here.

Get creative!

Pascale if you start a sewing course, I want one of these.
Description and picture from here.